Many Facts About Auto Insurance To Remember

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By Adriana J. Noton

Everyone that drives a car has to have auto insurance. Unfortunately, you can’t do without insurance, and it’s illegal to not be insured. For some, car protection is another household bill. As long as you are operating a vehicle, you will need coverage. Some people don’t even bother because of how much time it seems to take up and all of the information that needs to be provided.

There are more concerns here that don’t involve money. This also includes other factors such as paperwork. When applying for a quote, you will be asked to provide certain information. This is one of the parts that many people really aren’t to fond of or look forward to. This is another explanation of why people look forward to applying online.

Applying in person takes a little more time to get done than online. The information that will be needed is provided on your card of registration. If you have misplaced it, the insurance agent will be able to take a look at your car and get things situated and squared away. This is a good thing to do if you don’t quite understand the entire coverage process.

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The lowest costing coverage plan is the state’s minimum. It is the plan that offers the least amount of coverage, you are still covered and it counts as having auto coverage. You are able to change your plan at any time with most insurance companies to better fit your needs.

Today, the economy is falling rather hard and money is short for many. Putting gas in your car every week or two is an enormous expense all by itself, needless to even speak of the coverage for it. This could easily put stress on a person trying to figure everything out and get all the bills paid on time.

This plan is honest protection for your automobile and it’s the least amount of coverage available. The requirements here change because the rules and regulations are different everywhere. It’s not much to be excited about, but it’s enough to keep you from having to appear in court and pay a fine. This option is for people who are trying to save some rainy day money.

Make sure you’ve taken time to go over your policy carefully. Read every term, condition, and requirements before you apply your signature and agree to the stated conditions. When you decide to get coverage, set aside at least two hours to pick a plan and weight out other options that may apply.

Contrary to popular belief, vehicle coverage is vital. It is the difference sometimes between paying an entire bill and paying half. While you are on the road, anything can happen and you want to make sure that you and your family are safe. One way to do this is to make sure that you have insurance. It’s a lot better to be safe than wish you would have done something. Not only that, another driver could be careless and cost you a fortune. It’s better to have insurance on your side.

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Adam Folkard and Nick Norton ready for more men’s softball

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Monday, March 19, 2012 Hawker, Canberra — Coming off a national championship win for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) men’s open team in mid-February, Australia men’s national softball team representatives Nick Norton and Adam Folkard are getting ready for more softball later this year, including the Australian club championships to be held in Brisbane in June.

Folkard and Norton have both won the World Championships and have each won a total of ten national championships with the ACT side. They are both named to the current men’s national team, which has roughly thirty players, and believe they are likely to survive the December cut down to eighteen players who will represent Australia at next year’s World Championship in Auckland, New Zealand.

The World Championship is one of the two most prestigious available to male softball players. The other is the International Softball Congress, an event Folkard and Norton have both competed at.

As national team representatives, there are a lot of expectations for them. In Australia, there is almost no financial support for the men’s game so they must cover most of their own costs, including travel to and from international competitions. According to Folkard’s father, these costs can be prohibitive. In one year, when Folkard was a representative on the men’s U18, U23 and Open team, it cost A$15,000 for travel and other expenses just for Folkard. When costs for bringing family members such as Folkard’s sisters to major international tournaments, the costs were even higher. Folkard, his father and Norton all joked this cost his father an investment property to allow Folkard to continue to compete at the highest level. Both Folkard and Norton currently work as tradesmen to support softball playing.

Beyond money, the national team requires players to be actively involved in wider softball community. Players must represent a club at the club championships in Brisbane if they want to retain a spot in the squad. Folkard plays for a Western Australian club and Norton plays for a Sydney based club, driving down from Canberra to play every Sunday during the season.

Folkard and Norton have both played softball at the highest level in the United States, where the men’s game is not yet fully professionalized but still presents more opportunities for players than are available at home. For several years, Folkard has gone to the United States for three-month stints, playing for teams in Chicago, Pennsylvania, and New York. One side he played was sponsored by Ernst and Young. Folkard currently plays for a Canadian side and has been trying to convince Norton, whom he has grown up playing softball with, to join him like Norton has done one previous season. According to Folkard, playing with a North American club has certain advantages. The clubs pay for his travel to and from Australia, and pay for Championship rings. When asked how North American clubs sign Australian players, he said they follow men’s softball in Australia and call up players to offer contracts. Australian men’s players gain additional exposure to potential clubs when they compete, with some sides approaching them during the North American season and seeking to contract them for the following season.

Both men would love the opportunity to play softball in the Olympics, but believe such an opportunity is unlikely. According to them, softball at the Olympics is a women’s game intrinsically linked to men’s baseball, and men’s softball is unlikely to ever be considered on the programme as a result.

Folkard and Norton both play for the same club in the ACT territory club competition. Their team has secured a grand final berth for the match in ten days. They are waiting to find out who they will play against based on a match this weekend. Both have previously won this competition.

Wikinews interviews Rocky De La Fuente, U.S. Democratic Party presidential candidate

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Businessman Rocky De La Fuente took some time to speak with Wikinews about his campaign for the U.S. Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

The 61-year-old De La Fuente resides in San Diego, California, grew up in Tijuana, and owns multiple businesses and properties throughout the world. Since getting his start in the automobile industry, De La Fuente has branched out into the banking and real estate markets. Despite not having held or sought political office previously, he has been involved in politics, serving as the first-ever Hispanic superdelegate to the 1992 Democratic National Convention.

De La Fuente entered the 2016 presidential race last October largely due to his dissatisfaction with Republican front-runner Donald Trump. He argues he is a more accomplished businessman than Trump, and attacks Trump as “a clown,” “a joke,” “dangerous,” and “in the same category as Hitler.” Nevertheless, De La Fuente’s business background begets comparisons with Trump. The Alaskan Midnight Sun blog described him as the Democrats’ “own Donald Trump.”

While receiving only minimal media coverage, he has campaigned actively, and according to the latest Federal Election Commission filing, loaned almost US$ 4 million of his own money to the campaign. He has qualified for 48 primary and caucus ballots, but has not yet obtained any delegates to the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Thus far, according to the count at The Green Papers, De La Fuente has received 35,406 votes, or 0.23% of the total votes cast. He leads among the many lesser-known candidates but trails both Senator Bernie Sanders who has received nearly 6.5 million votes and front-runner Hillary Clinton who has just shy of 9 million votes.

With Wikinews reporter William S. Saturn?, De La Fuente discusses his personal background, his positions on political issues, his current campaign for president, and his political future.


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Htc Wildfire Contract: Selling Itself

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HTC Wildfire Contract: Selling Itself


John Blake

Providing excellent service and quality products the market presents you with HTC! This brand has embarked as one of the biggest mobile selling companies who have characteristic touchscreen and QWERTY keypad handsets. The HTC Wildfire contract is a deal network providers like Vodafone, Virgin, Orange, O2, 3 and T mobile offer the public so that they can make use of a technically advanced phone for cheap and reasonable rates. This helps companies fight tough competition and on its own, sells and promotes the phone and the network.

To explain this mobile phone and its countless plus points would be a herculean task. However there are some basic traits of this phone that can be highlighted. To begin with, the handset has an extraordinary 3.2iunch TFT resistive screen. The display is big and has amazing clarity for a user. The touch screen is embedded with Multi-touch input, Accelerometer sensor, Touch-sensitive controls, Proximity sensor, Optical track pad and Turn-to-mute. The 5MP phone is provided in the colors of Brown, White, Red and Black. Other features include it being a 3G phone hence facilitating faster speed in data transfer, the phone can access internet connectivity and one can even play music on it.

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The HTC wildfire contract brings together this pleasing handset with low rates to form a reasonable and easy on the pocket deal. Contracts can be taken uo from the network provider. They offer tariff plans to the public so that there is more variety and an individual can find a plan that adjusts to his needs. Some of the standard perks include discounted rates over calling minutes a few free texts and some free calling minutes. In addition to all of this, the users benefits are enlarged with the provision of laptops, iPods, Xboxs and home appliances completely free of charge.

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Interview with Ton Roosendaal about Elephants Dream and free content movies

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Three days after the Internet release of the free content 3D short Elephants Dream (see Wikinews coverage), we exchanged e-mails with Ton Roosendaal about the reaction to the film, open source filmmaking, and the changes to Blender that resulted from the production. Ton Roosendaal is the lead developer of the Blender 3D rendering and modelling software that was used for the movie. He is also the chairman of the Blender Foundation, a non-profit organization which was formed in support of the software and projects like Elephants Dream.

How much money did the Blender Foundation spend on producing the movie? Has the money been fully recouped by DVD orders and donations?

We still have to finish the final bookkeeping for this project. It has been executed in co-production with the Netherlands Media Art Institute, and we each had our own internal budgeting for the project. When you exclude expenses of pre-production and producer personnel, the total budget was about 120,000 €, of which we covered half. Our contribution was roughly covered half by the DVD sales, and half by European Union support ( consortium).

One of the most common criticisms of CGI films is focus on technology over content. For instance, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within flopped with audiences, in spite of being an undisputed technical milestone. I’ve seen many reviews that criticized the plot of “Elephants Dream” as too bizarre or confusing. In retrospect, are you happy with the story development process?

Haha, I knew the story and plot would get a mixed acclaim. There’s a couple of reasons I’d like to mention for it.

First of all; the criticism resembles how people witness Blender itself, too. Many people expect that Free Software is an easy accessible mass audience product. We get a lot of complaints by non-artists that they can’t get into the software easily, whilst the complexity of commercial products like Maya or Houdini is perceived as a confirmation of its “quality”. Apparently an Open Movie created similar expectations with the audience.

Luckily we also got many positive reviews of the artistic result of the movie. It is quite abstract, but definitely has many layers of information, inspiring many of the viewers to see relevant real life messages hidden here.

For this project we’ve teamed up with the Netherlands Media Art Institute, internationally renowned as a resource for video art. So for Elephants Dream, we’ve had the luxury to challenge ourselves to create real independent artistic content as well. The artists had a lot of freedom from the start; they were responsible for the concept, story and creative development of the entire movie. This has resulted in a lot of quite personal choices, based on what the artists liked to do themselves. I really cherish such an approach, it has resulted in a very motivated team working crazy hours the last months to get it all realized.

But, most importantly; the main target of our project was not only to create a 3D movie short, but to experiment with ways to improve the efficiency and quality of open source development. On this aspect only, this project was just a huge success, and the main reason for our sponsors (the DVD pre-sale) to support it. I know they might have liked a cartoonish funny movie with furry animals better, but for that you get already pretty well served by the bigger 3D animation studios. 🙂

I’m the first to admit that – looking back especially – certain aspects worked out quite weakly; there’s loose ends and questionable decisions, especially in story development and continuity. That’s just the risk of doing experiments, and nothing I regret really. The five artists from our user community who were invited to make the movie were young people with no professional background in filmmaking. Their personal incentive to participate in this project was also to learn from it, and to create a good portfolio for their future career. I’ve witnessed them grow in competence in the past year enormously, something I’m incredibly proud of.

On the technical level, the only major criticism I’ve seen of “Elephants Dream” is the character animation, especially in the opening scene — many reviewers felt that the movements seemed a bit unnatural. Do you agree with these criticisms? If so, what do you think can be done to improve on that level?

Yeah, the challenge the artists set themselves – to use quite realistic personages – is also something that easily works against you. In many animation movies they introduce characters in the beginning in a way you get used to their specific characteristic movements, so you accept a certain level of non-realism easily. (Check the weird walk cycles in The Incredibles for example). Another aspect is that we’ve started work on the first scenes, and ended with the last scenes. I can clearly see the animation quality increase, and that whilst the ending scenes were done in much less time due to time constraints.

We also didn’t schedule to do 9.5 minutes of animation either…. Originally it was more like 6. But, it’s always easier to look back to define the right decisions, eh? 🙂

I’m very happy with the reviews we got so far; luckily the movie was perceived as a professional quality product, and reviewed based on comparisons with what the big studios come up with. Even when we couldn’t satisfy all these quality demands, it has luckily not been branded as a pathetic presumptuous attempt by amateurs!

Do you think there is hope for a full-length open movie project in the near future? Would the Blender Foundation be interested in such a project, or do you intend to continue focusing mainly on shorts?

I’d like to wait a little while with defining what a next project would look like. Given the constraints of “organizing projects to improve open source development”, we might have not much choice either. It would probably mean to work with a new team each time, so most likely be based on shorts only. On the other hand, there’s also clear signals that this approach works well, and creates excitement and involvement of a lot of people, also from producers and sponsors. That might enable us to set up a next project based on larger targets. For a full-length feature film however, we should involve a sufficient amount of experienced film makers as well, and/or invite the first team to participate again. That would put a lot of pressure on the required budget…. You can’t do that based on a 1000 DVD pre-sale target. Would more be like 20,000 or so…. 🙂

How did the process of making the movie feed back into the development of Blender? Are there major technical changes that were made only or primarily because of the film?

Already during the pre-production phase the artists have defined the key targets for Blender development. This then was coordinated with the online development community too. I’ve done the most crucial (re-)development mostly myself, though. Especially on the character animation tools, on the rendering pipeline and compositing tools.

It is especially the latter I’m most satisfied with. In 3D movie production the compositing stage creates a giant content bottleneck. By transparently integrating this in our render-pipeline, a very efficient workflow has been achieved. And, not to forget, Blender now also offers the first production-level open source compositor on the market!

The current summary you can find in our work-in-progress release notes.

What are the key technical features in Blender you want to add or improve for future movie projects?

Depends on what the movie is about! There’s always hundreds of features you can work on. However, we’ll have to work on that anyway, movie project or not. There’s a lot of professionals using Blender now, and they can’t wait for the Blender Foundation to do movies! Look at this studio for example:

I read that at least one proprietary software package, Reaktor, was used for the sound effects. Is this because no equivalent free software solution exists yet? Will future projects have a “free software only” policy?

We’ve limited the “Open Source tools” requirement to our own Studio Orange only. That was what we could keep in control at least, and I can tell you it was not always easy even… 🙂

For sound and music we’ve decided from the beginning to seek an external sponsor. We have chosen to work with the best quality studio and composer we could find, preferably using open source, but not as a prerequisite.

My own competence is solely within the CG [computer graphics, Ed.] side of movie making. When it comes to music editing, or video encoding and DVD authoring, I could only decide to choose to work with external parties with proven competences in that area. I have to be practical in projects like this, especially to ensure it will be realized.

Hopefully, now we’ve got so much attention world wide, we can involve more non-CG open source next time, too. I will definitely strive for the maximum here, but it will fully depend on the amount of professional support we can get.

Blender itself was originally closed source freeware, until it was “liberated” through a fundraising campaign. If you could choose one proprietary application to “set free” where such a goal could be realistically achieved, which one would it be?

Well, the “realistically achieved” demand makes it quite difficult. 🙂 Looking back at similar cases, like Mozilla and, it was always very circumstantial. It just happens sometimes, you can’t organize something like this to happen in advance. The only common denominator is “a company in troubles”… so, who’s in trouble now?

What is your personal favorite computer-animated full-length film?

Uuuh… that differs every week! Probably Ice Age (the first one). Mostly because they didn’t overdo showcasing 3D technology so much, but created truly adorable characters and great funny gags.

Web Hosting And E Commerce

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Web Hosting And E-Commerce



Many business owners are so successful in their business offline that they want to venture into new things like having their own website. This is often called e-commerce. E-commerce is the new hub for business enthusiast and a great way to earn money. As often as said before in business schools and business meetings which are go to where the clients are. Nowadays, clients and potential clients can now be found searching the internet for some answers unlike before. It was just decades ago when people wanted to look for things to buy, they often visit the malls or go to the market or visit different stores in person if they want a particular thing to buy or is canvassing for things. With technology nowadays, people search the internet via different search engines to look for things they wanted to buy and canvas things before setting foot on the stores.

If you are thinking of selling your products online then e-commerce is great for you. Though setting up your own ecommerce is not a great idea there are lots of ecommerce system that is available for you but for the basic things only. Bear in mind that ecommerce are one of the most complicated process there is when it comes to web hosting topics with a lot of possibilities for errors and possible loss of income in the process.

YouTube Preview Image

There are many over the counter system in regards to ecommerce that you can run to your server. There are many systems that will be able to cover your basic ecommerce needs like order management and processing the payments. If you are not that familiar in hosting your website and if you don t have any experience in regards to web hosting then this is entirely not a great idea for you to get started. The easiest way around is to look for an ISP that will help you with ecommerce. There are many web hosting company that will be able to get you started and help you from the basics up to the advance courses.

Before you sign up with any ecommerce web hosting company it is important to know how this company works and see if you could have a niche on their group. Make sure that the company will be able to handle all their customers well, how to handle catalogs, orders, back orders, shipment, billing, foreign currency, credit cards, taxes and many more.

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hosting oscommerce

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USPTO partially confirms validity of Amazon “1-click patent”

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007 

Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued an office action, which confirmed the patentability of claims 6 to 10 of the Amazon 1-Click patent, US 5,960,411. The patent examiner, however, rejected claims 1 to 5 and 11 to 15. Amazon now has up to six months to amend the rejected claims to overcome the examiner’s rejection, provide arguments to demonstrate that the examiner is in error and/or provide evidence to demonstrate the patentability of their claims. During this period, the entire patent is still considered valid under US patent law.

The USPTO is reconsidering the patentability of the claims due to a request for reexamination filed by New Zealander Peter Calveley. Mr. Calveley used internet archives to show that defunct company Digi Cash used a similar technique prior to Amazon. Despite costing a substantial sum of cash and requiring donations to prepare and file the request for reexamination, Calveley said he did it as a game and hopes that his success inspires others to play the same game.

“One Click” shopping is an ecommerce technique, which allows a customer to purchase products via the Internet without repeatedly entering personal information such as name and address. At the time it was introduced it eased the frustration of on-line shopping.

Amazon filed the patent application for 1-click shopping in early 1997 and was granted the patent in September 1999. 23 days later Amazon sued rival Barnes & Noble for alleged infringement by its “Express Lane” ordering which was introduced in 1998. In December 1999 Amazon won an interim injunction against Barnes & Noble but the USA Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit lifted this injunction in February 2001. The parties then settled their dispute for undisclosed terms. Amazon has since successfully licensed the technique to other e-sellers such as Apple.

Creative Agency London

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Submitted by: Rogeliobs Stafford

The good reason for this: you need a good deal of persons with a lot of distinctive talent sets. You need to have to be able to offer your clientele the option to do outside marketing, on the internet, tv, radio and print. With so lots of channels out there, most folks feel that integrated companies are the future. Far more and much more brand names are going to want a presence across a selection of channels and platforms. Even though independent integrated businesses have a very good shot, it’s tough competition against nicely-established multinationals like as Ogilvy & Mather. Ogilvy & Mather have been earning adverts given that 1948, in fact a single of their founders, Mr. Ogilvy, wrote what most industry members consider the bible of advertising: Ogilvy on Advertising.

There’s a lot heading on in this city. Brands have their pick of companies, and ambitious people have a lot to appear ahead to.

YouTube Preview Image

Whether or not your company requires a comprehensive re-branding campaign or merely a new set of stationery, there are a prosperity of artistic agencies and freelance entrepreneurs hoping to win your business. You will encounter people today, compact neighborhood agencies, digital agencies in London and regionally as well as multi-national agencies. So how do you opt for?

It’s typically tricky for a occupied MD to get a action back and look at the major photograph. You may imagine that all you will need is a new home business card, but what logo is going to go on it? What tone of voice and color scheme should really be made use of to appeal to your target audience? And will the form of card stock truly make any distinction to your organization image? These are all issues you ought to let a advertising pro help you with. No matter how tiny your needs, it is usually clever to invest in some preparation time with a advertising and marketing expert to aid realize your ultimate aim – gaining a return on your investment.

It really is possible that a freelance marketer or graphic designer can assist with one particular, or perhaps a few of the over problems. And of course they will virtually certainly seem to be less expensive than a inventive company. But it’s really unlikely that a single particular person can do the required research, branding, arranging, consultancy, and the style and design and assemble, all by by themselves. So if applying a freelancer, it might be very best to only use them for their speciality or get ready to commit extra than you needed to, simply because of their have to have to out-resource the aspects of your venture which they cannot undertake themselves. So this would hence necessitate you to undertake a wonderful offer of Challenge Management on your own as you assemble a group of specialists close to you.

Imaginative agencies come in all shapes and dimensions, and of program their expenditures can fluctuate considerably. One particular instant benefit is that the company may well well have a comprehensive in-property group, so you can be self-confident that they can fulfil all of your demands and stick to the quote you agreed to. They are also very likely to be skilled in a wealth of industries and have additional spectacular credentials.

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Web Conferencing Comparison: 10 Point Buyer’s Checklist

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By Jed Jones

If you have spent any time at all researching Web conferencing systems, you are likely left with two impressions that go something like this:

a. “There are a lot of providers to choose from and it is hard to know where to start looking or which features I may need.”

b. “These systems seem to be sold under multiple different product categories, such as web meetings, online meetings, web conferencing, webinars, online training, video conferencing, etc. I’m not sure whether I am even looking in all the right places to find the right solutions to compare.”

When shopping for a new Web conferencing system, conducting a Web conferencing comparison is essential to make sure you are getting the right system to meet your needs. What will help is a list of the primary features that are included as a part of most of the systems you will come across. By understanding what is potentially available, you can get a better idea of the type of system you should be comparing.

Here is a 10-point buyer’s checklist to help you make sure you are consider the right conferencing solutions to meet your needs:

1. Desktop sharing:

This feature allows the meeting organizer to show his or her computer screen to the meeting attendees located remotely. In many systems, there are two related features available: the ability to switch presenters so that everyone is viewing one of the other attendee’s (other than the organizer) screens, and the ability for remotely-located attendees to actually take control of the presenter’s desktop.

2. Remote desktop control:

YouTube Preview Image

In addition to the simple remote desktop sharing and control features mentioned above, there is another level of remote desktop control that is utilized to carry out longer-duration, more detailed elements of the remote computer. These systems are ideal for remote IT support applications, for example.

3. Polling & voting:

In the case of some online conferencing and meeting situations, the presenter requires the ability to gather feedback from the attendees in a way that can be counted and even statistically analyzed at a later point in time. For this, attendee polling and voting features are helpful.

4. VoIP:

Some meeting systems rely on a regular landline (or mobile phone-based) phone call to be placed in order to allow for the verbal/voice-based communications element to occur. Meanwhile, other systems offer a VoIP (voice over IP) option that leverages the Internet to transmit voice, as well as pictures, applications and text.

5. Application sharing:

When you have the need to show presentations or perform work collaboration using CAD or other software remotely, you may want to consider application sharing features in a Web conferencing system.

6. Rich media streaming:

Need to present rich-media like video to prospects, customers, or colleagues located remotely? Look into whether the solution has rich media streaming capabilities. Some Web conferencing solutions are calibrated specifically for this.

7. Testing and scoring:

If you have the need to conduct e-learning and other at-a-distance education with your system, you may want an e-learning system that allows you to test and score attendees after each session.

8. Whiteboard:

A whiteboard functions much in the way you might imagine; it is much like a physical whiteboard that you might see in a boardroom or a classroom.

9. Echo cancellation:

Some of the more advanced video conferencing solutions offer features such as echo cancellation. This is a set of sophisticated electronics that reduces unwanted echoes and feedback that can creep in during a meeting.

10. Multi-point conferencing:

If you anticipate the need to hold Web conferences with more than 2 locations at once, consider multi-point conferencing. This is simply a way to view multiple remote attendees on your screen at once.

Review this 10-point Web conferencing buyer’s checklist as you consider which system might be right for you.

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Secure Video Conferencing Advisor



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Rattan And Wicker Furniture What’s The Difference?

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Submitted by: Maxine Chandler

Have you ever wondered what the difference between rattan furniture and wicker furniture is? If you have, I can explain the differences and some of the common misconceptions about these wonderful natural furnishings.

Many people incorrectly believe that rattan and wicker are one in the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, they aren’t even in the same category. Let’s take a look at how these two popular, yet very different, arts come together to provide a unique, elegant atmosphere in the home.

YouTube Preview Image

First let’s get some facts about rattan. Rattan is a vine that grows in the tropical forests of the Far East. Usually, it grows in a pole shape with a diameter of about 1-3 inches. Rattan can grow up to hundreds of feet in length. It is also one of nature’s strongest woods. Rattan cane has a solid core, unlike bamboo pole, making it much more durable and harder to break. Rattan will not warp and is ideal for making furniture. After being cut into smaller sections, the canes are then molded into shape to form the frames for various furniture items. Peel, the outer skin of the rattan pole, is traditionally used to wrap the furniture joints.

Wicker, on the other hand, refers to items made from any number of natural materials, including rattan core, reed, rush, and willow. When wet, these natural materials are pliable enough to be woven, creating the unique wicker-weaved designs we see in wicker furniture. In fact, most rattan furniture is created with wicker weaved on top of the rattan core frame. Rattan and wicker are wonderful natural products, each piece having its own unique set of qualities. No two pieces are ever completely the same.

Many people love the aesthetic qualities of this furniture. A great room in your home furnished with rattan can feel like a retreat to a secluded island resort after a long day at the office. Who wouldn’t want to come home to that? Another common misconception is that wicker and rattan furniture is strictly for outdoor or patio use. Definitely not so. Rattan furniture comes in living room sets, dining room sets, bedrooms, office furniture and much more.

Many times it is hard to find these types of furnishings locally. And, often, even if you can find them, it is usually a pretty limited selection of items. It’s easy to find these great natural furnishings online. Just search the web and you will find great websites that offer authentic rattan and wicker furniture. Happy hunting!

About the Author: Written by: Maxine C, Webmaster and promotion specialist, Visit

for Wicker and Rattan Furniture. Maxine enjoys writing articles about furniture, interior decorating, and home and garden to provide content for other’s websites.


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